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Watches as an investment

We look at the past few years several reports in the media world we encounter again and again on the following reports: watches, vintage and wine as a sound investment
High-quality brand name watches (without exception in our portfolio) have become more and more into the focus of "conservative" investors rightly in recent years, because that higher returns are often achieved as with the investment classics.
An example: In 2002, a new Rolex Daytona in steel cost € 5200 - Today RRP € 10,350
To this, however, be allowed to call his own, you wait about a) 8 years-then paid the RRP of 8 years or b) buy them here with us today to € 11,490. The appreciation or development of this clock is visible and recognizable in our example for everyone.

Regarding the value of the brand refers Rolex today all other producers to the courts. In 2012, the brand value of more than EUR 3.7 billion was almost twice as high as that of the estimated two-run place 2 and 3 brands Cartier and Omega. Need to come up with superlatives you in the case of Rolex are not limited to the watch industry: Rolex is one of the most popular brands ever and can it, as to excite no other company both beginners as well as experts and collectors watches. In addition, you could, the promise of quality and the tradition of the company to communicate globally. This goes so far that the timepieces have agreed as a kind of substitute currency. Today it is possible to replace a Rolex on virtually every spot on the planet for cash, making the products of the Swiss Nobel probably among the most liquid of total luxury watch industry.

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