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Information for hire-purchase

Information for hire-purchase

We are happy to tell you the end of the watches purchase, if you select the option Payever hire purchase. If you still have any questions please contact our Customer Service at +49 521/926 44444
We're here to help.

payever workflow

Our partner payever allows you to secure and easy payment in installments. To do this, click next to your selected clock rate calculator on the Payever hire purchase button. After transaction you will be redirected to There you can choose the payment method "hire-purchase", enter payment information (exact invoice amount and item number) and confirm the order.

Subject to any of payever immediate conducted credit check, you can also enter into the loan agreement. The purchase amount will be paid and then you receive the goods. Numbers then the monthly installments on a date notified by the payever account until the full amount is reached.

Pay now your purchases from 99 € comfortable with the payever hire purchase by the Santander Consumer Bank AG. Choose from flexible terms 6-72 months with a low APR of 9.9%. For more information, visit

Frequently Asked Questions for hire-purchase:

Who can apply for a financial purchase?

  • Persons with full legal capacity
  • Persons aged 18 to 75 years of age
  • Persons resident in Germany
  • Persons with a German bank account

I am an employee, what should I consider?

  • Your employment must be permanent
  • In a fixed-term contract, the contract period may not survive the Expiration
  • From a Finazierungssumme of over € 4000.- the request must pay stubs for the last two months are included.

I am retired and Penionär, what should I consider?

  • The pension payment must be permanent
  • In the Expiration contract period must not take the time limitation

I am self-employed, can I apply for hire purchase?

  • Self-employed people can of course apply for hire purchase, if you exercise the self-employed for more than 1 year.
  • From a Finazierungssumme of over € 4001.- must request the proof of income, business registration or Handelsregisterazszug, and empowerment are attached to the bank statement and the self-employed activity must have been pursued for at least 2 years.
What groups can apply for a hire purchase?
  • Unemployed person
  • Welfare
  • Students / trainees
  • Conscripts
  • Community service
  • Supervised persons

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