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Luxury watches are coveted not only for collectors, but also of buyers who want to differ and maintain a personal touch.

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We specialize mainly in the purchase and sale timeless unworn and used luxury watches. We carry luxury watches by many world-renowned brand manufacturers such as Rolex, Panerai, IWC, Audemars Piguet, ... View all luxury watches, that you purchase at our online shop or in the field, of course original. Each watch before leaving our house, going through in our workshop a final inspection. Chrono World allows you independent of shop opening times, any time a safe and worry-free online shopping. In the luxury watch segment, we have deliberately set on the Rolex brand and aligned our offer to the effect. Precision and durability have at home Rolex priority over highly complicated timepieces and are exactly why appreciated by many decades. Since the early 20th century are Rolex watches for status and luxury. Such a watch is the self-esteem to a completely different level. Discover the Rolex feeling. Chrono World offers you the world of Rolex watches, whether ungetragenb or used, always first-class fair conditions to.

The name Rolex is synonymous with quality, style and an incomparable successful history - Chrono World is the name when it is time to buy your luxury watch.

Thanks in advance for your confidence preserved
Chrono World Team

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