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Buy a Rolex Submariner second-hand? So you get a timeless evergreen, which has advanced in recent decades to the archetype of the diver's watch. The Submariner by Rolex is characterized by its distinctive dial with noctilucent indexes and the robust housing, which also gives the Rolex Submariner used a particularly sublime appearance. With massive band elements in the new generation, this robust note is again underlined. A revolving Cerachrom bezel finally puts the Submariner on the "icing-cake". Good to know: Since the original model from 1953, the functional look with the refined Oyster housing has been preserved. The Rolex Submariner used to buy is worth considering both as an investment for the future as well as for own use in order to enjoy this timeless luxury watch even at a special price.

Buy Rolex Submariner used: different models at different prices

Here is a comprehensive overview of which Rolex Submariner can be purchased from Chrono World. We offer you a comprehensive range of products where every single Rolex Submariner used has been fully tested. This test, both in terms of material and functionality, is always carried out by a true master in his field. Here, we also incorporate our many years of experience and extensive know-how in our Rolex offer, which has made Chrono World the first address for the discerning watch wearer. Purchasing a Rolex Submariner second hand may even be possible with individually agreed financing at fixed monthly installments. If you would like to buy the Rolex Submariner used here, you are also in direct contact with a personal contact person, who accompanies you step by step through the purchase and also acts in an advisory capacity.

Your benefits and your guaranteed service when you buy a Rolex Submariner used

If you want to buy a Rolex Submariner used, this is possible either online or in business. In the time from 9 to 20 o'clock we stand by telephone with advice and act to the side. Buying a Rolex Submariner used is possible in conjunction with current generations of Submariner as well as vintage models. In addition, we take on your request even an individual search, if you want to buy a very special Rolex Submariner used. Many of the watches offered here were rarely or even not worn. When you buy a Rolex Submariner used, we will always show you how often it has been in use and if signs of wear are recognizable. Our assortment is completed by unique watches and particularly exclusive models, which are ideal as a stable investment.

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