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warranty Terms

1 Years Dealer Warranty:

If you have a warranty claim, then bring / send your watch with box and all original documentation (receipt or acknowledgment, guarantee papers of the manufacturer) and a problem report.

Our address: Jeweller Chrono World, Königsallee 30, D-40212 Dusseldorf - Germany

For our home warranty is only liable jeweler Chrono World and can not be taken by the manufacturer or another watchmaker to complete. It expires at any external influence (or any other watchmaker or the manufacturer), unless this has been previously agreed with us!
Expressly excluded from this warranty are wearing, natural aging, improper treatment, the leather belt, glass, crown and pushers, valves, water resistance, battery, loss of individual parts and force majeure, leaving it to our discretion whether we repair the defective parts or by other ersetzen.Des Furthermore, damage caused by improper handling of the watch (blow, fall, water, etc.) from the warranty excluded.
This merchant guarantee your statutory rights (the "warranty") is not limited.

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