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Information for the purchase / search / Commission and trade-ins of watches

Please fill in our form as precisely as possible all the relevant data - if possible - with a picture.
We'll get back to you and make you a fair offer!

Here is a description detailierete to purchase / trade-in and Commission

1.) Purchase
Send or bring us your clock (s) with all documents and boxes (if available) to Cologne or Bielefeld. We would be interested once a binding purchase offer! In case of an agreement we will immediately settle with you! We will need your identity card or a copy and a signed confirmation from you stating that the watch is your property and there are no third-party rights.

2.) Trade In
You have decided to buy us a new watch and want to separate in return of one or more clocks. This is the same procedure as for the purchase. We value your watch (es) and provide you with interest once a fair price. This price is then charged immediately with your purchase. Any surplus for you will be paid as the purchase immediately. For additional payment you can transfer the charge or pay in cash.

3.) Commission
This particularly attractive, totally free for you as a seller variant offers the possibility to offer your clock (s) in our online shop and on the world's largest watch platform and other Internet portals. Consequently, a rapid sale is usually guaranteed!
Business base here is a simple Commission contract with a fixed price fixed billing and legal security for both sides! Billing is without any deductions, after final sale and after expiry of the statutory four-week return period.

Your advantage lies with the Commission in a higher price, because we here no capital commitment arises! Outwardly you will remain anonymous and are absolved of any responsibility! The term of the Commission contract is 6 months. If your watch at this time not to be sold, you get your watch (es) back course free.

For further questions please contact us at the Tel +49211860621 00 or by email:. I [email protected] available.
We are looking forward to your contact.
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